3 P's and Prevention

Enough has examined the numerous successful cases of conflict resolution throughout Africa and found that there are almost always three essential ingredients to success.

We can stop mass atrocities where they are already happening, and prevent these crimes from happening in the future, through a framework called the "Three Ps": Peace. Protection. Punishment.

Promote Peace
Building peace costs less – in lives and in dollars – than picking up the pieces after a humanitarian crisis. The best way to end genocide and mass atrocities right now is with persistent, high-level diplomacy aimed at creating sustainable peace and laying the groundwork for a more secure future.

Enough recommends concrete solutions for resolving conflicts and achieving peace. We will urge the United States and the international community to make real, substantial investments in these solutions.

Provide Protection
Even as we pursue peace, we must protect the innocent people persecuted by genocidal violence and destructive instability. Enough identifies and pushes for actions that the United States and its partners must take to protect a country's citizens from crimes against humanity when their government cannot, or will not, save them.

Punishment for Perpetrators
We must hold the perpetrators of these horrific crimes accountable, both during and after the atrocities. To break the cycle of impunity, we must impose real, substantive consequences on those who commit these crimes and on those who provide the support that allows them to happen.

Through the courts, sanctions, and public pressure, Enough will lay out and advance a path to justice that will also deter future crimes.

Enough advocates a "3 P" strategy focused on the need for the robust diplomatic and other investments that can lead to durable peace; on taking the concrete actions required to provide protection for the innocent victims of genocide and crimes against humanity; and on punishing the perpetrators to create genuine accountability and break cycles of impunity.By pursuing this “3 P” approach, we can bring an end to the violence that rages today in Sudan, Chad, Congo, and northern Uganda.

But our challenge goes beyond stopping genocide and crimes against humanity occurring today; Enough also focuses on what can be done to prevent the crises of tomorrow. Bringing to bear three key elements – analysis, advocacy, and activism – Enough will also focus on the policies, tools, and investments that can be brought to bear to prevent genocide and crimes against humanity in the future.

Working with a broad range of groups and experts with extensive experience in the field and in government, Enough will continue to issue policy proposals detailing what the international community, and particularly the United States, can do now to prevent mass atrocities and genocide in the future. Sign up to receive these reports.