Tools for Change

ENOUGH is dedicated to ending genocide and crimes against humanity, and preventing them from occurring in the future.

To change the way the world responds to these crises, we use the following tools of change:


Enough combines up-to-date analysis of ongoing crises from our researchers in the field with rigorous policy analysis from experts with knowledge of the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government and international organizations. Enough produces regular strategy papers and briefings that provide in-depth assessments about what is happening on the ground and what concerned individuals, activists and policy makers can do to help end these crises.


Based on comprehensive field and policy analysis, Enough speaks directly with policy makers and recommends concrete policy actions that will put an end to genocide and mass atrocities and prevent them in the future. By strengthening our policy options – including diplomacy, economic development, peacekeeping, intelligence, and international cooperation – we can optimize our capacity to end crimes against humanity.


Enough works with a diverse array of partner organizations to strengthen and empower a growing activist movement for change. Collectively, we make it clear to national and international leaders that practical solutions exist and must be pursued now.

We also promote specific, meaningful actions that individuals, including you, can take to help end genocide and crimes against humanity.

With these tools we can drive structural and systemic change to transform the United States from a late responder to a world leader in the prevention of genocide and crimes against humanity.

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